We are a family owned business based in Edinburgh City who love dogs and believe in using the power of “Positive Reinforcement” to create happier and longer lasting relationships between owners and dogs.

It’s fantastic when people decide to add a dog to their family however, with modern day challenges of work life balance many find it difficult to ensure their pet gets the exercise and stimulation it needs to live a healthier, longer and more satisfying life.

At Healthy Dogs our focus is on you and your dog, our primary goal is to “Help owners and their Dogs live much more satisfying lives” and our family’s Vision being “Healthier Dogs Everywhere”. We aim to accomplish this by offering our services of Dog Walking and Dog Training.

Our Team:

Liana has spent a lot of her life caring for rescues and walking family and friends dogs. She has a very keen predictive sense for animal behaviour that allows her to understand dogs very well. Her primary focus is on Day Trips and Tailored Walks.

Patrick is has been around dogs since he was a child, as he grew up he started to train family dogs and then helping friends and relatives, which further developed his interests in animal behaviour. He loves the challenge of problem solving and is an avid swimmer. Combining the mental and physical stimulation is exactly what he gives and gets from Healthy Dogs. His focus is on training and he is currently working towards being an accredited Dog Trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). He also carries a Disclosure Police Check from his ongoing charity work.


  • Our business is fully insured for working with dogs
  • We give natural and healthy treats
  • We use Biodegradable waste bags


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