Our Services: Walking & Training


Day Trips (Adolescent Dogs):

  • £10 per dog (1hr up to 4 dogs)
  • We collect the dog from your home and drive out to our weekly destination.

Tailored Private Walks:

  • £12 per dog (1 hour)
  • A tailored walk for dogs who prefer their own company or have special requirements

Puppy Group Walking: (up to 12 months, depending on breed)

  • £7 per puppy (1 hour & depending on requirements)
  • Helps develop social skills and reduces separation from owners



Puppy Beginner Training (up to 12 months, depending on breed):

  • £70
  • 1-2-1 Training to help make basics easy
  • 8 class slot

Puppy Training (up to 12 months, depending on breed):

  • £10 per 1 hour
  • Designed for those who have a particular skill they want to train

Dog Training (Adolescent):

  • £15 per hour
  • 1-2-1 Training working on specific behaviours
  • Helps to rebuild old and create new bonds

Group Runs:

Why not come on a run with your dog and other owners! We meet at Edinburgh Holyrood park and set off on a run around Arthur Seat, distance is usually up to 5K, however for those Athletes amongst you we can create a bigger challenge! 

  • £5 per run (5K)
  • These funds are donated to local animal charities


Walking 1 year old German Shepherd ‘Sam’… Beautiful! Thanks to Neil and his family to letting us add him to the Team
“Healthy Dogs knew exactly how to get the best out of Tophs abilities…she looks forward to her walks and never lets that Frisbee out of her sight now!” Mark Lynch
Nutrition and Exercise
“We came for nutrition and exercise plan for our Sheela, the advice was excellent, thank you to the Team! Siva Mohan
Dog Walking
We have known Patrick for a long time now, he has always been great with dogs, who better to look after our first fury love ‘Leila’! Annie & Dom